Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interconnected Devices Integral to Smart Grid Success

At the New Energy Economy conference in London last week, Dr. Uwe Braun, stressed the importance of interconnected devices to the evolution of the smart grid. Dr. Braun, the Senior Vice President of Sales at Power Plus Communications (PPC), provided insight on the latest developments under Germany’s E-Energy Project, a program that links energy-saving technologies with communication systems.

PPC provides broadband powerline (BPL) Communication systems for smart grids, and its solution forms the backbone of the E-Energy project, one of Europe’s largest Smart City projects, in Mannheim, Germany. Broadband powerline technology is considered vital to the success of smart metering and smart grids. It uses existing power networks and converts them into IP-based real-time communications platforms to create instant, cost-effective, area-wide smart energy networks.

Dr. Braun told his audience, “We are currently at the most challenging point with regard to energy consumption and the technologies now at our disposal. Broadband Powerline (BPL) technology, as provided by PPC, provides the backbone delivering the connectivity demanded by the intelligent consumer devices coming to market. These appliances will be essential in enabling the automation and consumer control so crucial to optimizing future energy consumption.”