Thursday, April 08, 2010

Billion Electric Co., Ltd.: Billion launches 2 new HD HomePlug bundles

Networking expert Billion announces its 2 new HD HomePlug AV200 adapter bundles delivering high speed 200Mbps transfer rates around the home. The new bundles, that use domestic Powerline technology via the copper ring main circuits, also incorporate an energy-saving feature that shuts down the adapters when not in use.

Perfect for domestic users, the Billion HomePlug adapters are so simple to install they can be added to an entire home in just seconds - without the need for extra wiring or advanced technical knowledge. Despite its simplicity, HomePlug AV200 is a powerful solution - ideal for real-time High Definition video and audio streaming, as well as Internet gaming and VoIP calls.

The adapters even include unique interchangeable sockets to enable the HomePlug to be placed away from obstructions, such as skirting boards or shelving, by rotating the unit around 180deg.

There are two new HomePlug bundles:

Billion BiPAC P106 starter kit - 2 x

BiPAC 2073 wired HomePlugAV200 Ethernet adapters

Billion BiPAC P106N wireless starter kit - 1 x BiPAC 2073 wired HomePlug AV 200 Ethernet adapter plus 1 x BiPAC 2073N wireless 'N' HomePlug AV 200 Ethernet Adapter.

Simple setup

The BiPAC P106 is the new "mini" sized version of the original award-winning BiPAC P104. The P106 twin pack consists of 2 wired Ethernet HomePlug adaptors. These are the same as the P104 but with a smaller footprint, ideal for use around congested power sockets and in extension strips. Each adaptor is called a 2073, so the pack consists of 2 x 2073 adaptors. Simply attach one adaptor to your router via the supplied Ethernet cable and the other can be placed anywhere else in the home on the same electrical circuit for sharing your Internet connection and files over the network. Connect to laptops, PCs, set-top-boxes, game consoles, ready NAS, printers, webcams or any other network device with an Ethernet port.

Compliant with the latest HomePlug AV standards which support data speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Best of both worlds

The BiPAC P106N offers all the benefits of super-fast networking through the domestic powerlines with the addition of high-speed wireless networking. The P106N wireless starter kit includes 1 x 2073 wired adapter and 1 x 2073N wireless 'N' adapter.

The BiPAC 2073N adapter uniquely combines a high-speed wireless 'N' access point with a HomePlug AV adapter, giving the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use device - super fast HomePlug networking that allows speeds of up to 200Mbps through your existing mains power supply network, and up to 300 Mbps high-speed wireless connectivity.

Attach the 2073 wired adapter to your router and simply add the 2073N plug to your powerline network to create a mini wireless 'N' hotspot anywhere in the home.

Great for use in larger homes, garages, outbuildings, or where the thickness of the walls prevents good wireless coverage. The 2073N will carry your internet connection through your existing powerline network to inaccessible parts of the premises, and then relay it wirelessly to your laptop, desktop, games console, printer, camera or any wireless device in client mode. WEP, WPA, WPA2 wireless encryption can be set up via a simple web interface to maximize your wireless security. The 2073N is also available as a single unit.

Power saving

The BiPAC 2073/2073N can automatically detect its Ethernet connection. If no Ethernet device is being used, the BiPAC 2073/2073N will automatically go into sleep mode, which cuts power consumption by at least 60%, increasing energy efficiency and saving money on your electricity bill.

Smooth traffic and prioritisation

Quality of Service control guarantees the transmission quality by automatically prioritising data. The BiPAC 2073/2073N automatically recognizes the bandwidth needs of voice and video applications. QoS prioritises the data to guarantee optimal transmission quality. TV and video images are received and displayed with absolute smoothness. QoS also guarantees clear, instant transmission of voice data, even when other applications are running on the network at the same time.

Immune to noise and intervention

The adapters support superior noise-immune data transmission over in-home electrical power lines. Even if family members turn on an electronic device or turn off a light, there won't be any interruption to latency-sensitive applications, such as multimedia or video being shared in another room.

Key Features

Key Features

Physical layer data rate of up to 200Mbps over existing in-home power lines

In--built AP (2073N) for up to 300 Mbps wireless connectivity

Utilizes power line technology that takes advantage of the unused bandwidth of the electrical wiring in your home

Reduces power consumption by at least 60% with power saving feature

Quality of Service control

Supports Triple Play applications such as IPTV, VoIP and high-speed Internet access

Supports 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

Compliant with the HomePlug Powerline Alliance Industry specifications

Ideal for residential users


Available at and leading resellers - customers should visit to find the nearest outlet to buy BiPAC products. The BiPAC P106 is GBP79.99 inc. RRP; the BiPAC P106N is GBP109.99 inc. RRP.

About Billion Electric Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1973 and listed on the Taiwanese stock exchange, Billion Electric Co. Ltd. (Taiex #3027) is one of the leading providers of network equipment and power supply products in the Asia Pacific rim. Since its Communications Division was established in 1992, Billion has re-enforced its investment in developing next generation network equipment and Internet access devices for home, telecommuter, and SME users. We have been awarded a number of honours for our networking products and have acquired a considerable customer base across Europe, America, Middle East and Africa, and in the Asia Pacific markets.

HD Quality Entertainment Design Over Home Electrical Wires

SPiDCOM Technologies, provider of powerline communication System-on-Chips (SoC), have rolled out the SPR300-AV Pass-Through Reference Design, based on the SPC300 HomePlug AV SoC, embedding an ARM processor.

The reference design is a powerline to Ethernet bridge enabling whole-house HD quality entertainment over home electrical wires, with an integrated noise filter to optimize performance and an integrated socket that leaves the electrical outlet available to plug any other appliance.

The reference design is based on the SPC300 HomePlug AV SoC. This open platform embeds an ARM9 processor . The SPR300-AV has a modular approach for a quick integration by product manufacturers. The digital part, including the SPC300 SoC, fits into a small 30 X 65 mm module, which then plugs into the power supply mother board. SPiDCOM provides all the hardware, software and manufacturing documentation required to begin production of a SPR300-AV bridge.